Theme of Next Issue

Any good article will be accepted for the October issue.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Submission Guidelines

The sections that the magazine generally carries can be viewed by going to the Scroll website. However, sections remain flexible and are not cast in stone. We have come a long way from writing on tablets, after all.

Rules for submission:

1)      We accept only e-mail submissions. The subject-line should read:
<Month-Year of Scroll Issue intended for>, <Topic> and mailed to

For example, if you are submitting an article for the topic ‘Poetic Smorgasbord’ of Scroll, intended for the April 2011 issue, your subject-line should read:
April 2011, Poetic Smorgasbord

2)      All submissions should be as word document attachments.

3)      We encourage original writings and views, and different perspectives of a view. Even though Opal Mehta has shown plagiarism is a sure shot shortcut to fame and publicity, we are quite old fashioned in that regard and hate stolen or lifted words. We accept previously published works whose copyright rests with the author. But, if you are sharing a work that’s already published elsewhere, please do let us know the details during submission itself.

4)      If your article is published, we will offer due credits to you in our journal. The copyright rests with you. If you are making simultaneous submissions, we would appreciate if you could just let us know.

5)      The articles can be anywhere between 500 words to 5000 words. However, we prefer sizes typically 2000 to 3000 words. There is no limit to the number of articles you can submit. But please do that in separate mails.

6)      Please do send us a short author’s profile/bio (in third-person) in about 50 words along with the submission.

7)      Please submit work that’s edited and you think is your best. If the amount of editing needed for your article is huge, it will automatically wean us away from publishing it.

8)      We handle each article with a lot of care, as if it was our own. Each one is read thoroughly and discussed to see how best it can fit in to Scroll. 

9)      We do not say no to pieces on topics unrelated to Scroll and the theme. If it is good, we shall definitely try to fit it into our scheme. Apart from articles, we accept cartoons, sketches, photography, poetry and anything creative – we try to treat it the best way we can. Their selection and final discretion rests with the editors.

10)  Scroll is a free online literary magazine. Hence we do not pay for submissions. However, we do ensure the published articles receive all publicity and coverage through different channels of online promotion.